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Using statistics, your e-village partner helps you with result-oriented and innovative design 100% in your brand image.

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"Research has shown that people decide within 50 milliseconds of opening your email whether you are trustworthy as a company."
Source: Behaviour and Information Technology


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Recognition of your brand and corporate identity

Trust and reliability

Up to 50% higher Click Through Rates

Designs tailored to your target

With data as the powerhouse of your designs, you will get optimal results from your email. This means that your data-driven design appeals aesthetically with your target group.

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Keep your designs fresh

The design is the first thing your reader sees and is therefore crucial. Developments in this continuously innovative and energetic market follow each other in rapid succession. Let our specialists help you make sure your design is up-to-date.

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What makes a great design?

You can argue about taste, but there are a number of specifications that a great design should meet. How strong is your design?

Inspirational cases

The people who proceeded you

How can e-VillageStudio help you?

Our design specialists can help you in the following ways:

Design Review

A review of your current design, where you immediately gain insight into the quick wins of your current design that ensure even better results of your communication.


A (re) design of your current or new email template or landing page, so that your design is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

Design Sprint

In just 5 days we help you in the creative process from ideas to a validated design that suits your organisation and target group.

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