The platform for email marketing and marketing automation

Clang is the most complete omnichannel marketing platform for email marketing and marketing automation. In a few simple steps, you can make, test and send emails within Clang. Use our in-house developed software to reach your customers, gain more insight into customer behaviour and for maximum conversion and higher customer loyalty.

Clang - USP - User-friendly

With a flexible drag & drop email template, you easily create a mail in a few clicks. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML! Then put together a profile with the profile editor and your mail can be sent.

Clang - USP - Support

Our helpdesk is ready to help you every day between 08.30 and 17.30 (GMT +2). The Support Engineers have profound knowledge of Clang and know what’s needed to use the software as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Clang - USP - Deliverability
Deliverability of 99,77%

In Clang, there are many possible authentication techniques to guarantee high deliverability ratings. This is also true for Clang’s excellent reputation among Internet Service Providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

The most important functions in Clang

The most important Clang functions differ per company, campaign and goal. Below, you will find a few of the most important functions.


Manage your data

Sending an email naturally starts with having a database. In the Database Manager you can easily import and export millions of customer records. Then, create multiple email databases to manage your customer records in an organised way. By linking Clang to your web shop or CRM system, you can enrich your database with comprehensive customer data.

Clang - Function - Data CRM


Build beautiful templates

Building mailings and landing pages is difficult and technical? Not with Clang! With our simple drag & drop email templates, you don’t need knowledge of HTML and you can get started on your own! Need help making a template? Our Campaign Developers would love to help.

Clang - Function - Drag & Drop templates
Clang - Function - Drag & Drop templates


Create awesome campaigns

With the Campaign Designer, you build, create and plan your own personal and relevant email campaigns; from start to evaluation. You add timers and extra campaign paths, test these paths with help of A/B testing and adjust where necessary.

Example of Clang Campaign Designer
Clang - Function - Create cool marketing automation campaigns


Segment and personalise your mail

No customer is the same. As such, personalised content yields better results. Clang offers extensive options to make profiles and perform targeted actions using them.

Clang - Function - Segment and personalize your email


Reach your customers with an omnichannel strategy

With the omnichannel campaign objects and the ability to create your own objects, you can set up your own omnichannel campaign. For example, an integration between email and your web shop, following your potential customer from email to your website, a content integration with social media or personalised prints in addition to your email. You are in control!

Clang - Function 5 - Reach your customers with an omnichannel strategy


Plan and send!

Is your mail or campaign ready? In a couple of clicks, you’ve scheduled your mail or started your campaign. A child could do it!

Clang - Function - Just plan and send
Clang - Functi on - Just plan and send
Clang - Function - Analyse


Analyse your results with Clang Analytics

In Clang Analytics, your email results can be viewed in real time and in the blink of an eye. You can put together the dashboard yourself with diverse widgets including graphs, tables, diagrams and exact numbers. Want to view the results of today, yesterday, last week, this last month or a specific period? You can do it with Clang Analytics!

Clang - Function - Analyse
Clang - Function- Analyse


Need customisation?

Do you want to realise a complete campaign or make a link with a specific app? We develop custom solutions that completely meet your needs and demands. Get in contact to discuss your needs.

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Integrations with supporting external apps help you make your email campaigns even more successful. For example, integrate Clang with Magento and synchronise customer information automatically and in real-time so you can send personalised emails.View all integrations.

Clang and Salesforce integration Clang and Magento integration Clang and BriteVerify integration Clang and Relay42 integration Clang and Closealert integration


Clang has multiple practical extensions that you can use to achieve even more with your email marketing. Think, for example, of automating the process of adding PDF attachments and barcodes or sending a text message when the recipient doesn’t open their email. View all extensions.

Code list
CSV trigger
PDF attachment
Smart Run

Become a Clang expert

Of course, we want you to use all functions in Clang to the fullest, so you can always achieve the maximum result in your email campaigns. That’s why we offer diverse Clang training at our office or on location. Our Clang Trainers knows all the ins and outs and would love to help you become a Clang Expert as well!

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