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Clang is our in-house developed marketing automation platform for compiling successful omnichannel campaigns. With our team of more than 70 email experts, we work everyday to increase the effectiveness of our customers' marketing campaigns and customer contact moments.

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Campaign creation

Together with our customers we create the coolest emails. Of course always clearly visible on all devices.

Clang - Email Expert

Email marketing strategy with our experts

Brainstorm about a dream campaign and build and test it on the spot? Or do you want to spar about best practices, the layout of your email portal or building your e-mails and landing pages? We are happy to help you.

Email Benchmark

Are you curious about the email trends and challenges for 2019? And do you want to know how your e-mails score compared to other companies? Download the E-mail Benchmark 2019 now!


Our email marketing software Clang

The most important Clang functionalities differ per company, campaign and objective. That is why we have highlighted the four most important functions below. Clang has many more functionalities!

Clang - Campaign Designer

With the Campaign Designer you can easily compile a complete marketing campaign. Plan campaigns ahead and, for example, send alerts or a congratulatory email when its someone's birthday. Event driven mailings after purchasing a product are also possible.

Clang - Profile Editor

Segmentation, personalization and relevance have a major impact on the success of email marketing. With the Profile Editor, Clang offers far-reaching options for creating profiles and doing targeted actions.

Clang - Drag & Drop

With Drag & Drop you can easily create campaigns, emails, landing pages and forms. You click and drag elements to the desired location and the software takes care of the rest.


In Clang Analytics you can view your email results in real time. Compile your dashboard yourself with various widgets including charts, tables, diagrams and exact numbers. View results for today, yesterday, last week, last month or for a specific period? It's all possible with Clang Analytics!

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