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With our team of more than 80 email experts, we are working on a daily basis to increase the effectiveness of our customers' marketing campaigns and customer contact moments. Clang is our in-house developed marketing automation platform for compiling successful omnichannel campaigns.

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The most important Clang functionalities differ per company, campaign and objective. That is why we have highlighted the four most important functions below. Clang has many more functionalities!

Build marketing automation campaigns

Create smart and automated email campaigns independently with the Campaign Designer. From welcome campaigns to reactivation campaigns and from abandoned shopping cart campaigns to review campaigns.

Surprise your recipient with the most beautiful emails

Go for the wow effect and surprise your customer time and time again with the most beautiful emails, including awesome interactive elements, such as tooltips, a countdown timer or image gallery. It is very easy to compile your emails with the drag & drop function. Click, drag & GO! You can also send AMP emails via Clang.

Create smart segments for higher conversion

Analyze your customers and create smart segments based on available data, enabling you to send super relevant emails to each recipient. Email segmentation enhances engagement and your mail results will definitely increase.

All your email results in one overview

View in real time and in the blink of an eye which campaigns are successful and which are less so, so you know where and how you need to make adjustments for an even higher ROI. Within Clang Analytics you can easily set up dashboards yourself with a variety of widgets, including graphs, tables, diagrams and key figures.

Clang in 1 minute

Clang in 1 minute


Clang in 1 minute

Want to see what our omnichannel software Clang can do for your marketing automation strategy? Watch the video and learn in 1 minute why Clang is the ideal marketing automation software for you.

Campaign creation

Together with our customers we create the coolest e-mails. Of course always clearly visible on all devices.

Our other services

Email marketing strategy with our experts

Brainstorm about a dream campaign and build and test it on the spot? Or do you want to spar about best practices, the layout of your email portal or building your emails and landing pages? We are happy to visit you.

Email marketing scan

Take that next step in email marketing and get email done.With our email marketing scan we  take your strategy and campaigns to the next level.

Email marketing scan

Push Notifications

Do you want to truly connect with your customer? Make sure you send the right message, to the right target audience, perfectly timed, via the right channel. With Clang, you can now reach customers who have downloaded your app with Push Notifications.

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