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Email marketing management

The foundation of your digital marketing strategy is the most important part. You wouldn’t get on a train if there were no tracks. Ensure you and your team have a clear vision of your goals, key performance indicators and commercial alignment.

Optimising the basics

The subscriber lifestyle workshop. Within this workshop, we take you through the 4 pillars of an engaging customer email marketing strategy. Acquisition, Onboarding, Engagement and Retention, turn your prospects into loyal, happy customers.


Understand your data and really get to the bottom of what’s generating your revenue. Our specialists take you on an in-depth look RFM analysis to help you pinpoint the highest returns and learn the tell tale signs of a successful campaign.


Get to know your subscribers. An engaged audience is one likely to convert. Find out who your prospects, what they want and predict what they will want in the future. Boost your relevance and ultimately your ROI.

Email journey

Plan ahead with an email marketing roadmap and develop a contact strategy. We can help you get your creative juices flowing and help you achieve the results you’ve dreamed of.

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