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Get started with Smart Run in a few clicks? Yes you can! In the Clang Store you can install integrations and extensions yourself, after which you have direct access to the new functions in Clang!

Clang Store

Clang Store

In the Clang Store you can easily purchase integrations and extensions independently through the click, buy, GO principle. The app is installed within five minutes and you can get started. By integrating your other systems with Clang or adding additional functionalities to Clang, you are able to get even more out of your email marketing. And the best part is that you can do it yourself as administrator of your portal! Unless you have very specific wishes, but we are naturally happy to help you with that.

An overview of all apps in Clang

NEW in the Clang Store

We have added two new campaign items and a birthday campaign to the Clang Store. With these new campaign objects you save a lot of time while building your campaigns.


Campaign object Mailable

The campaign object Mailable checks in each campaign whether you can and may mail the customers you want to mail. This functionality could already be added to the profile editor by manually adding conditions, but with the Mailable campaign object you can now also integrate it into your campaigns with just one click.

Language selection

Campaign Object Language selection

Do you use multilingual mailings or campaigns within one brand in Clang? Then this campaign object is ideal. With the Language selection you determine within your campaign which language flow your client enters and you always address your client in the right language.

Birthday Campaign

Birthday campaign

Congratulate your customer with a personal birthday mail. This campaign checks which customers' birthday and then sends a birthday email on its birthday. Create a nice email with a discount code, video or personalized image and add it to the campaign.


How does it work?

An overview of the available apps in Clang


When you open the Clang Store in your Clang portal, an overview appears with all available apps. On the right you can see which apps you have already installed.

Install an app in Clang


Do you want to install a new app and are you a portal administrator within your portal? Then click on the relevant app and then hit the install button.

An overview of your installed apps in Clang


With some apps you have to add some additional information, such as account information, after which the installation starts. Five minutes later you can get started!

Free trial period of 14 days

Do you want to test the integration or extension first? You can try out all apps for free for 14 days, after which the license is billed monthly or annually. If you delete the app within 14 days, nothing will be invoiced. If you do not remove the app, the payment starts from the moment of installation.

Clang Store Free Trialperiod
Clang Store Billing


You can decide yourself how long you want to use an integration or extension, because you can pay per month or per year. If you choose to pay per month, you can stop the license monthly. In addition, you also get the option to add a PO number directly during installation. Very easy!

Available Apps

We already have various apps available for you. Of course we are working hard to add all extensions and integations to the Clang Store.

Installing apps is only possible if you are a portal administrator. Do you have a Clang portal through one of our partners and do you want to install an app? Then contact your marketing partner.

Are you still unable to figure it out? Let us know, because we are happy to help you!

Clang Store Apps
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