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Mobile App marketing

Mobile App marketing is a strategy to get your app users more engaged with your app. Within this strategy, you communicate with your users through various channels, each of which contributes to the purpose: to offer more value to your app users, so that they use the app longer and more often. This allows you to build higher customer loyalty.

Mobile App includes 3 channels: Push Notifications, In-App Messaging and Mobile Inbox.

Push Notifications

With Push Notifications you send users to your app, sending the right message, perfectly timed, based on the data you have from your users.

In-App Messaging

With in-app messaging you reach 100% of your app users at every stage of the customer journey with personalised messages based on the user’s behavior.

Mobile Inbox

Mobile Inbox is a personalised inbox for your app users. The inbox helps you keep users more engaged in the app.

VodafoneZiggo reaches 100% of their app users

VodafoneZiggo sends invoices, updates and extensive messages via Mobile Inbox to increase engagement with their target group. Because Clang stores all preferences and interests, VodafoneZiggo sends the right message, via the right channel, at the right time.

How do you approach a Mobile App strategy?

First of all, ask yourself: what do you want to achieve with your Mobile App strategy? Do you want your users to use the app longer and better? Or do you want to increase conversion? After that, you look at the type of messages you can use.

Get more out of your app


You probably already use email and paid channels to market your offers. Take it a step further! Use Push Notificitations, In-App Messaging and Mobile Inbox to communicate relevant offers with your target audience. Segment based on the behaviour and interests of your potential customer and maximise attention value.


Has someone just downloaded your app? Provide smooth onboarding. Welcome the user, show how the app works with In-App Messaging and don't forget to send a Push Notification on the first day. Users who receive a Push Notification on the first day are more likely to come back to your app more often. Also collect information directly from your user, so you can enrich their profiles and use it later in other campaigns.


Push Notifications and Mobile Inbox are perfect channels to send updates about a product, order or feature in the app. They have a high attention value and allow you to keep the user informed quickly and effectively.

Abandoned Cart

As soon as a user has placed a product in their shopping cart but then leaves the app, you can use Push Notifications to lead them back to the app and entice them to complete their order. You can also inspire them with other products that are relevant via In-App Messaging or Mobile Inbox.

Why use Mobile App marketing in Clang?

Personalised Omnichannel Campaigns

With Clang you can apply all forms of Mobile App Marketing in your personalised omnichannel campaigns, at the right time via the right Mobile App channel.

Immediately Analyse Results

Clang Analytics allows you to directly analyse the results of the Mobile App behaviour in your campaign, in a combination with other results from Clang channels, including email.

Complete Customer Journey Experience

The Mobile App behaviour of your recipient can also directly trigger other channels in the campaign towards the recipient, this ensures a complete customer journey experience.

Enrich every channel

With marketing automation platform Clang you collect all data in one place. This allows you to reach (potential) customers with personalised campaigns based on their own behaviour. In addition to the integrated channels, such as email, SMS, Facebook and landing pages, Clang also communicates optimally with your app. App behaviour is sent back to Clang in real time by using an interactive feedback loop. This way you know exactly which products your customer is interested in for example, and you can respond to this with your campaigns.

Do you want to get more out of your app and engage better with your app users by using Mobile App marketing? We are happy to help!

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Mobile App marketing?

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