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In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging allows you to reach 100% of your app users with personalised messages based on their behaviour. This allows you to communicate with your target group in a very relevant way and ensures you that they gain even more value from your app.

Relevant and personal

Your communication is based on customer data, which allows you to add valuable content to their customer journey making your communication an integral part of your users experience.

Stay connected for longer

With the right message placed perfectly within your app, you stay connected to your audience for longer and keep them coming back wanting more.

Learn something new every day

Every small detail learnt about your customer is automatically fed back to Clang. Not only are you learning about your audience every day but you can use this information as campaign triggers too.

Have deep, meaningful conversations

In-App Messaging transforms your communication with your app users. Send completely customised personal messages and entice your audience to buy products, upgrade their package or simply recommend some really great content.

Reach 100% of your customers?

In-App triggers unique to the user

With In-App Messaging nudge your users with the perfect message based on their interests and behaviours. These triggers are not only based on actions within the app, but all digital interactions via every channel in Clang. This gives you a complete 360 ​​degree customer view, ensuring your In-App Messages are relevant and valuable to your user.

Look to the future, with Clang you can use current behaviour and interaction as well as past behaviours to ignite your message in there here and now. Send a message on a specific page, such as a request to opt-in at a location when a user visits the page with the store overview.

Stay with your customer every step of the way

Be there for your app user in every stage of their customer journey.  Start with welcoming a new user then adapt to become customer specific depending on their situation. As your partner, we want to take the journey with you and the customer.

Increase your users’ engagement


Send your user a reminder for an abandoned cart, or notify them of a product that has their name written all over it.


Give your user a personalised discount to boost retention and loyalty.


Instantly update your user with messages about their order, games or travel plans. Go the extra mile and keep them informed of promotions.

Access to location

Ask your users to access their location at the right time so you can time your posts even better.

Enrich every channel

All data from your app is fed into Clang, allowing your customer’s actions to trigger new campaigns from other marketing channels and enrich profiles. This two-way connection allows you to continue supplementing a 360-degree customer view and gives you the ability to continue optimising your communication. Bye single-channel marketing strategy, hello omnichannel marketing strategy!

Don’t stop at In-App, take the next step

In-App Messaging is the perfect channel for an active app-user. What if they haven’t been active for a while? Then it’s time to renew your relationship with Push Notifications.

Complete the mobile marketing set with the mobile inbox. This allows you to send messages to your app users that remain in their inbox, so your message is never forgotten.

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