CTO of 40-75% by sending relevant content

Client case: Risk & Insurance Advisor Zicht


A large part of  Zicht, Risk & Insurance Advisors’ portfolio consists of private customers. Zicht would like to communicate with this group as effectively as possible. The relevance of your content shows directly in your CTO, which is why Zicht wanted to focus more on sending relevant content to their customers. This means that not everyone is shown the same message and offers, but truly personalised content instead.


A campaign was built in Clang in which Zicht used segmentation. To kick off using this strategy, their database needed to be enriched. Part of the enrichment process focused on profiling which customers were applicable for a travel insurance including coverage for ski trips. Firstly, a regular newsletter was sent to all of their customers containing a test about ski trips and insurance. All customers that clicked on that specific content, received a tag ‘ski trip’ in Clang. In the database, customer data was enriched with data about who already has a travel insurance as well as which level of coverage (ski trips, cancellation) was included. Based on this combined data, the campagne was further optimised. Zicht used segmentation to show customers relevant content, based on their profile in Clang. Customers without affinity with ski trips or customers that already were covered for ski trips, did no longer receive mailings about travel insurances with ski trip coverage.


The campagne led to 1,600 leads that were sent a mailing about travel insurance with ski trip coverage. The Open Rate of this mailing skyrocketed to 82.16%. By continuing using segmentation in their mailings, Zicht now realises mailings with a CTO of 40 to 75%!

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