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Clang supports AMP Email

Written by Wilbert Heinen / July 8, 2019 / Innovation / Design

Last year Google launched AMP Email. AMP is Google's open source email project. Clang is the first European ESP to create AMP emails! We are happy to give you an overview of the possibilities of AMP Email.

What is AMP again?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is an open source project from Google. With AMP the performance of web content and advertisements is improved by shortening the loading time and delivers a better user experience - especially on mobile. The purpose of AMP Email is to convert emails from static documents to dynamic environments, similar to web pages.

What does AMP Email entail?

AMP Email enables direct interaction with the content in your email, without having to leave the email. Consider, for example, responding to an event or completing a survey, without being sent to a landing page. Another important part of AMP Email is the automatic updating of information in the email. Think about, for example, the prices in a promotional email. The prices are updated automatically, so offers always show the correct price. But also think about recommendations. With AMP Email you can always show the most recent recommendations! This functionality is the holy grail for many (email) marketers!

We increasingly see interactive elements such as image galleries and accordions in email, but with AMP Email you can set up and use the above examples much more easily. Companies that are already experimenting with AMP Email include Booking.com, Pinterest and Doodle. Below are some examples.

AMP Email Booking.com

AMP Email Booking.com example

AMP Email Pinterest

AMP Email Pinterest example

AMP Email Doodle

AMP Email Doodle example

When can we use AMP Email?

NOW! Clang is the first ESP that supports AMP Email! By adding a new MIME type, the AMP Email is automatically loaded if the email client supports it. If AMP Email is not supported by the email client, then text/plain or text/html will be used.

This is a bit of a challenge in the field of analytics. Clicks are no longer click-throughs and no longer go directly to a landing page. Also you can no longer simply use a tracking pixel image, because the standard html for an image is not supported within AMP Email, which means you >amp-img< have to use an open to measure. This challenge is of course included in the further development of AMP Email within Clang.

Gmail and Mail.ru already support AMP Email, other major email clients such as Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail and have also indicated that they will also shortly be supporting this. This means AMP Email is already available for almost 40% of your customers!

Do you want to know more about AMP Email, or do you want to integrate AMP Email into your email marketing? We make it possible!

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