Clang ondersteunt AMP email

AMP Email Examples

With the interactive and dynamic technology of AMP Email you can let your creativity run free. The sky's the limit! But what does that look like? We've collected some wonderful examples of AMP Emails for you!

Complete sale in your email

Buy product in your email

The holy grail for a lot of email marketers is to be able to make a purchase WITHOUT leaving the email. With AMP Email that’s possible. It might take some coding, but our email experts are here to help you out!

Complete forms in your email

Forms in your email

Enhance the user experience by letting your recipients fill out a form within your email. This way your recipients can check in for a hotel room, or register for an event or product launch. All within your email!

Product Review in your email

Product Review in your email

Social Proof is extremely important for your company and super easy to add to your email marketing. How great would it be for your recipients to see multiple product reviews, without turning your email into an endless scrolling game? All within your email? AMP Email finally makes this possible.

Image Gallery in your email

Image Gallery in your email

An Image Gallery is already possible in several emailclients, but AMP Email now also makes it possible for Gmail. For example, show multiple pictures of your products to further enhance the customer experience in your email.

Make an appointment in your email

Make appointments within your email

With AMP Email your recipients can make appointments without leaving your email. You can use this technique for events and workshops to show the number of applications in real time.

Multiple offers in your email

Multiple offers in your email

You want to show your recipients only relevant offers as much as possible. In some cases, that may mean you want to show them multiple offers at once. With AMP Email you can, without making your email too long!