AMP Email

AMP Email in a nutshell

AMP Email from Google makes it possible to transform static emails to dynamic and interactive environments.Your receiver won’t ever have to leave the inbox! Completing an Abandoned Shopping Cart, signing up for an event or a newsletter, leaving a review for a product or tracking an order status, it can all be done from within your email!

The technique is already supported by Gmail and, with other large email clients like and Yahoo! Mail already having stated to start support this new and interactive technique soon. This technique will then be available for almost 40% of your receivers!

Clang users can NOW send cutting edge AMP emails with Clang. Clang is the very first European ESP (Email Service Provider) to make this possible!

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How does this impact my email marketing?

You can let your creativity go wild, the sky’s the limit! Chances are high your customers use an email client with support for this new technique. So it would definitely make a great addition to your email marketing!

What do I get out of using it?

There are countless advantages. With the support by Gmail and and other large email clients like and Yahoo! Mail soon following, you can already surprise almost 40% of your clients with dynamic and interactive content!

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What does it look like?

AMP Email makes creating incredible user experiences possible, all within email. It’s based on web technique, which makes for endless possibilities. We’ve ensembled a few great examples to demonstrate this!

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Get started!

Clang is fully equipped, so you can start sending emails with Clang. Spice up your emails and ask our email marketing experts to apply this technique to your emails.


The possibilities are endless, but what more do you need to consider? Read everything about the ten most frequently asked questions and answers here.

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