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Are you having a creative block? Our e‑VillageStudio design team can help you make an impact by using data-driven designs that empower your brand image and turn your vision of magic into a reality

We’ve opened our doors to the e-VillageStudio.

Email and page templates

Getting started with a great foundation is sometimes the hardest part. e‑Village’s design team can create eye-catching email and landing page design templates to get you started.


Bring your emails to life. GIFs are all the rage. They bring your emails to life with some personality. If your homemade GIFs aren’t working out so well, we can make some for you. 100% on brand.

Outdated designs

Do your designs feel outdated and out of touch? Our studio team can breathe some fresh air into your designs.

Design reviews

Want a change, but not sure where to start? Our team of in‑house experts can assess your designs from a professional point of view and give you pointers on where to improve your brand image. Let us inspire you.

Banner designs

First impressions matter. Make a statement with an eye-catching banner design to grab online attention.

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