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Do you also want to add a Tooltip to your email template? Then call your Account Manager at +3130 - 698 80 80.

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The Project Manager ensures that the entire project is steered in the right direction and that you can get started with your Tooltip in email as quickly as possible.

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The Developer builds the Tooltip before you place it in your email template.

Tooltip in email

The average time to read an email is 11 seconds. So don’t clutter your emails with enormous amounts of content. No way your recipients are going to read all of it. Do you want to surprise your recipient in an engaging way? Tooltip in email is the way to go! With this interactive element you can show extra content when your recipient hover over or click on an item, without taking up space!

Dynamiek in je e-mail

More dynamics in your email

Meer content

More content

More engagement

More engagement


A tooltip is a small hover box that shows information on the item when you click on or hover over it. You may have seen them in use on Instagram already, but now it’s available in your Clang email template as well!

How does the Tooltip in email work?

  1. Select a font.

  2. Choose an image and a fallback image and add a link.

  3. Choose whether or not you want to animate the tooltips.

  4. Select a tooltip image.

  5. Decide where you want to place the tooltip and what width it should be.

  6. Add the content and decide where the tooltip should pop up.

  7. You can add up to 4 tooltips.

Email Tooltip

Just a little different?

Prefer your own font or more than 4 tooltips? Then contact us!

These email clients support interactive elements

Apple Mail

Apple Mail

Outlook op Mac

Outlook op Mac

iOS mail app

iOS mail app

AOL mail (Chrome)


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