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Not just e-Village is convinced of the power of Clang. Around 40 partners around the world use Clang every day to create the most beautiful e-mail campaigns for their own customers! We are happy to tell you more about our partner program.

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There is strength in partnership

As a partner you have different needs than our direct users. We are aware of that. Our partner team therefore keeps you informed of the latest developments, gives you tips for working smarter with Clang and greatly values  your input. Based on that, we can improve our software!

We’re convinced of our motto: there is strength in partnership!

Types of partners

We distinguish 3 types of Clang partners:

Resell partners

A resell partner has access to its own Clang portal from which it serves its customers. On a project or license basis.

Marketing partners

Marketing partners don’t have access to an own Clang portal, but work as email experts in the Clang portals of their customers.

Tech partners

Each of our tech partners have developed cool applications that integrates with Clang. And vice versa! All integrations can be found in our Clang Store.

“Anything is possible with Clang. With other systems, you often run into limitations and get stuck, but e-Village is innovative and keeps on developing new features for Clang. In a user friendly and simple environment, we easily build the most beautiful campaigns for our clients.”

Berry, Mindwize.

Stronger together

As a partner you want to fully utilise Clang for the benefit of your customers. We help you make that happen! Your Partner Manager keeps you informed on the latest development and is your central point of contact.

Stronger together in 6 values:

  1. Durable relationship
  2. Active sharing of knowledge
  3. Transparency
  4. Clear agreements
  5. Quick service
  6. Grow together!


Getting the right input from our partners is vital for the development of Clang and our partnerprogram. During partnersessions and round tables we discuss the latest Clang and e-Village updates and development, what’s important to you in our partnership and what your clients needs are. Take a look at the aftermovie from our latest partnersession.

The partner team


Partner Manager

Niels has been working at e-Village since 2014 and is mainly in contact with ITG, our largest Business Partner in the UK.

Partner Manager

Krista is familiar in the industry and knows all about what is happening in the agency business.

Partner Manager

With a lot of enthusiasm and a large amount of IT experience, Chris manages national as well as international partner accounts.



Karsten is responsible for the partner strategy and manages the partner team.

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