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Parallax Email

A Parallax Email is a technique by which content of various speeds rolls over itself when a user scrolls through the email. This creates a 3D effect. Just like with the legendary Super Mario game. For example, the mountains move more slowly than the bushes. You can now apply this effect to your email!

Benefits of Parallax Email

Increase Conversion

Increase Engagement

Break through the '8 second rule'

Examples of Parallax Email

One of our best clients, AllSecur, has recently changed their name to Allianz Direct. To help guide their customers through their name change, we created an awesome email campaign together. With the use of a Parallax Email! This campaign delivered an amazing CTR of 8.27%. Much higher than the national average of 3.05%!

Example AllSecur

Example e-Village

Why create a Parallax Email?

A Parallax Email works extremely well in terms of interaction and engagement. The playful effect of a Parallax Email encourages the recipient to keep scrolling. They are naturally led to the purpose of your email. Which results in them spending more time reading your email!

When do you use a Parallax Email?

A Parallax Email is extremely useful if you want to surprise your recipients with cool engagement campaigns. This includes games, the introduction of products, educational content and especially informational or service messages.

Parallax Email: good to know

  • Check your database; is the base that supports this technique large enough?
  • Creating a Parallax Email is usually a costly development. Fortunately, we have already done all the development work for you, so we can get started right away!
  • Think carefully about the purpose of your email. Can a Parallax Email help you fulfill this purpose? The recipient ultimately wants to know; what’s in it for me?

Which email clients support Parallax Email?

Apple Mail
iOS Mail App
Outlook op Mac
Samsung Mail App
Outlook App
Gmail App

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