Relevant regional content?

Local Content Manager

Would you like to increase relevance of your newsletters by using local content? With a Local Content Manager you can! As marketer you are still in charge, while your colleagues have the option of adding relevant, local content.

The benefits

Grip on local marketing efforts.

More relevance by using local marketing offers.

More sales from local marketing efforts.

Better insights in the local marketing results.

How does this works

You prepare the newsletter

As a marketer, you design the newsletter and without any effort inform your local teams when the mailing is available for them.

Your colleague adds local content

Your local colleague receives a preview of the newsletter and can add additional content containing local offers or events. He or she can also adjust the subject line and preheader of the mail.

You check the newsletter

As soon as your colleague from the local team has updated the newsletter with local content, you will receive a notification so you can check and approve or reject the local content. You can also adjust the order of the content blocks and add additional content blocks in this stage.

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Send it!

The newsletter with both national and local content is now super relevant and ready to be sent!


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