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Email Tooltip

The average time to read an email is 11 seconds. So don’t clutter your emails with enormous amounts of content. No way your recipients are going to read all of it. Do you want to surprise your recipient in an engaging way? Tooltip in email is the way to go! With this interactive element you can show extra content when your recipient hover over or click on an item, without taking up space!

Why an Email Tooltip?

Dynamic email

More content

Increase engagement

How does a tooltip work in email?

A tooltip is a small hoverbox with information about the item the user posts or hoovers over. You can see it regularly on Instagram and from now on it can also be used in your e-mail template in Clang!

Choose the font type, the number of tool tips, the position of the tool tips and of course a fallback image. And all set up super super!

Which email clients support Tooltips in email?

Apple Mail
Outlook op Mac
iOS Mail App

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