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Email Countdown Timer

The use of an Email Countdown Timer increases your conversion, Click Through Rates and Click to Open Rates. What more could you want?

Why use an Email Countdown Timer?

Fear of Missing Out

Increase your conversion

Create a sense of urgency

How does an Email Countdown Timer work?

On the backend we’ll build an animated .gif that counts down to a specific moment. For example an event, an ending action or an expiring abandoned shopping cart. When your recipients look at your email, they’ll see the remaining time until that moment in realtime.

How do you put an Email Countdown Timer to the best use?

Be clear

Make sure it’s absolutely clear towards which moment you’re counting down and especially what happens when the time runs out. The Email Countdown Timer won’t show the wanted conversion if that’s not absolutely clear.

Above the fold

Place the Email Countdown Timer above the fold. With an Countdown Timer you’re creating urgency and everything urgent should be placed above the fold as much as possible.

CTA close to the Timer

An Email Countdown Timer ensures higher CTR and CTO. Make sure your recipients don’t have to look for your CTA, but that its prominently present and close to your Timer!

Email Countdown Timer

Examples from our clients!

Example CameraNU

Example Drukwerkdeal

Example Lucardi

Which email clients support Email Countdown Timers?

Apple Mail
Outlook op Mac
Android Mail 4.4 or higher
iOS Mail App
AOL Mail
Samsung Mail App (small exceptions)

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