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Take your email marketing automation to the next level in 6 steps

Do you want to take your email marketing to the next level? But you don’t know exactly where to start? We’ve got some good news. With our email marketing scan we will take your strategy and campagnes to the next level.

Stap 1 Intake

Step 1: Intake

During this meeting, our email marketeers would like to get to know you better and have a better understanding of your business. We’ll discuss important topics such as: how mature is your email marketing at this moment and what are your email marketing targets?

Stap 2 Discovery

Step 2: Discovery

The e-Village analysts take a closer look at your email marketing. We will analyze all relevant email marketing statistics as well as other data sources such as Google Analytics, CRM data, and feedback tooling. We will perform checks on the critical points to get insights into the total email marketing performance.


Step 3: Insights

The results of the scan will be presented to you and your team. We will discuss where opportunities lie for your email marketer and how you can act upon those opportunities. The insights of the email marketing scan also kickstarts the email brainstorm.

Stap 4 Brainstorm

Step 4: Brainstorm

Now it’s time to generate new ideas during a brainstorm session. Which campaigns are most promising, what new segments can we tap into and how can we make improvements in a fast and practical way? This brainstorm will be under the supervision of one of our email marketers. At the end of the session, we will provide a customized email marketing roadmap for your business.

Stap 5-Opportunities

Step 5: Opportunities

Our email marketeer further details all input from the brainstorm. All campaigns and ideas are prioritized and possible dependencies are defined to create a complete email marketing roadmap for both short term and long term.

Stap 6 Lift off

Step 6: Lift off

To ensure that the email marketing objectives are being achieved, we plan a number of milestone sessions. During these sessions we discuss the progress on the action points from the plan and adjust if necessary. In this way your team keeps the focus on the objectives and together we can achieve faster growth.

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