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e-Village is deeper than just technology. Our services team liberates marketers and councils brands on creating long lasting customer relationships that accelerate revenue and growth. With an army of marketing experts, in-house developers and 20 years’ experience, we’ve heard your problem and we’ve developed a solution.

Our software has so many answers to so many questions

Our in-house developed platform Clang is a new breed of marketing software that views every company as an individual. Clang makes it easy for you to send the right message, at the right time, through the perfect channel. And we are continuously working hard on further developing our solution, Clang. How can we help you?

Marketing Automation

Create automate, intuitive campaigns with our campaign designer. From welcome series to retargeting campaigns, abandoned shopping cart to review campaigns. Never miss a hot lead again.

Grow your business

Mobile App Marketing

The fast pace world of Smartphones is rapidly evolving. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and targeting your customers via the device they engage with the most. Automate in-app messaging, push notification and mobile inbox messages based on an individuals online behaviour.

Keep up

Email Marketing

Our designers and developers prayed that one day we would find a solution where we could create our own stunning emails without blocking out hours in their day. And their payers were answered. We’ve introduced interactive features into our drag & drop function such as images and countdowns giving you the freedom to create YOUR perfect email.

Keep up


Our easy to use segmentation functionality allows your to segment audiences down to the individual You can send ultra-personalised content which increases engagement and improves your domain health.

Engage your audience

Reporting Dashboard

Real time, real life figures displayed how you want them. Don’t make the same mistake twice, see which campaigns are performing well and which you can stop wasting time on. Giving you back your precious time and an evening better ROI.

Keep the boss happy

Campaign services

At e-Village we have an army of marketing experts on hand to help you with any technique, design, data or strategic queries you may have along the way. Think of us as your partner. An extension of your current team.

Gain insight


Our technology can easily partner with leading global platforms to develop, integrate and deploy connected journeys in our clients’ eclectic tech ecosystems.

Never stop learning

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