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This statement was last amended on 2 July 2018.

Provisions in advance

A website is understood to mean all web pages whose files are stored on the web space of the www.e-village.com domain and with the inclusion of the aforementioned (indirectly) hyperlinked from the main page, taking into account that these web pages meet the criterion mentioned in "prior provisions";

The web page is any page of this website that has a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the aim of making the disclaimer applicable to this page;

Content: content, hyperlinks, images, client-side scripts, audio and video fragments. These are examples and are not intended to exclude other forms of content;

Use(s) of this site means: loading, logging in, retrieving, viewing, consulting, listening, filling in forms, sending forms and making use of services. Without a definite answer from and limitation to the above examples;

User: natural and / or legal person who uses the page;

Damage: direct or indirect damage of any kind;

The company: e-Village B.V., Chamber of Commerce number 320.80.944;

Misuse: misuse is understood to mean misuse of the website: it is not permitted to copy (parts of) the website provided that it is for personal use, an adapted version of the website, which can reasonably be assumed to have been done for the purpose of harm the company, place it online under a different domain, take email addresses or other contact details from the website in order to abuse it, such as: spam and advertising telephone calls. Any other form of abuse that is not described above or indicated with an example, but of which descriptions can be found in Dutch law;


By using this website you agree with this disclaimer. Every point mentioned below applies to the website:

The company ensures that the content of the website is regularly updated or added to. Nevertheless, the company is not liable for inaccuracies or omissions in the content offered;

The company does not guarantee whether the content offered is sound or suitable for a specific purpose;

The company is not liable for damage:

  • Inflicted by the website;

  • Resulting from the use of the website;

  • In any other respect related to (the use of) the website;

  • Arising from the inability to consult (one of the web pages of) the website.

The company is also protected from claims in the event of imminent damage;

The company reserves the right to change, add to or remove content from the website at any time;

The company reserves the right to terminate the website in its entirety without prior notice and without further claims. The company is also not liable for consequences (damage) as a result of the termination of the website;

The company is not responsible for websites and files linked to external hyperlinks;

The company reserves the right to deny you access to the website and the services offered on it without notice;

During your visit to the website, general information about your computer is stored in log files. These are primarily intended for statistics. However, in the event of abuse, these can be used to monitor your visits to the site or to deny you access to the website.

The user indemnifies the company, the employees of the company, representatives, trading partners, licensees, etc. from legal and extrajudicial measures and the costs thereof that have arisen as a result of the use or misuse of the website or infringement of any statutory regulations.

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