Transactional email with Clang:
Order confirmations

The reliable, safe, and quick way to customers’ inboxes

Clang enables you to send personalized emails that always reach your target group within seconds.

All emails in one place

Send transactional and commercial emails from Clang and trigger for new personalized campaigns.

All analytics in one place

Enrich your profiles with all customer data and get a 360-degree customer view.

Emails that always arrive

Benefit from our warmed-up Clang IP addresses, each of which has high deliverability among Internet Service Providers.

Simple verification

Verify your domains easily and quickly using DKIM.

Stable connection

Send data secured and stably to Clang through an API or SMTP connection.

High volumes

Clang is optimised for high volumes, meaning your emails always get delivered.

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Send with confidence

The personalized email is entirely generated by the external system, such as the website. The website sends the required information via our SMTP or API to Clang, which then sends an email to the customer – all within seconds!

Smart templates

Work with responsive templates that you can fully personalize to your customer.

Your data is safe

All data is stored on Amazon’s Frankfurt premises and remains within Europe. We are also ISO 27001 certified.

The best support

Deliverability is continuously monitored according to our Service Level Agreement.

Here’s why you should send your transactional emails via Clang

✓ Emails are delivered within seconds
✓ Analytics in Clang with open/click tracking
✓ Profile enrichment in Clang
✓ Smart, responsive templates
✓ Personalization options
✓ Secure data storage (Amazon Frankfurt)
✓ ISO 27001 certified

✓ Archive messages
✓ Online version and message resend function
✓ Add PDFs as attachments
✓ Training options
✓ Best support
✓ Sender domains

Transactional emails that our customers are successfully sending

Entrance tickets

Reliable entrance tickets for the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, MECC Maastricht and Concertgebouw

✓ Guaranteed delivery of entrance tickets throughout the whole world.
✓ Entrance tickets with nominal value for visitor and event location.
✓ Guaranteed secured sending of personal information being sent through Clang.

Boarding passes and reservation updates

Secure and direct delivery of Transavia‘s boarding passes and reservation updates

✓ Crucial check-in information is always sent on time through email, SMS and Push Notifications.
✓ Clang meets the strict requirements of Aviation Law.
✓ Certificates, organisation and software are audited and checked on a regular basis.

Medical messages

Highly confidential medical messages from Mediq and Sanofi

✓ Emails can contain sensitive data with links to patient health records.
✓ e-Village and Clang are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
✓ Settings meet the required NEN standards through Clang.

Online orders

Your weekly online orders from Hoogvliet and DekaMarkt supermarkets in your mailbox

✓ Send periodic emails as reminders for weekly orders.
✓ Reminder emails containing special offers or delivery details.
✓ Clang offers integrations with any webshop.

Insurance policies

Your new insurance policy from Achmea, Zilveren Kruis, FBTO or Centraal Beheer

✓ Large amounts of personalised messages on specific annual send dates.
✓ Guaranteed sending of bulk transactional emails within a specific time frame.
✓ Meets the legal sending requirements regarding insurance policies.

Order updates

Updates on your orders at Zeeman, Body & Fit, Bax music Shop, Beter Bed, Kwantum,, Nelson,, New York Pizza and many others.

✓ Send order confirmations, order updates and delivery emails.
✓ Add your invoice as a PDF file.
✓ Service emails, SMS and Push Notifications regarding information about orders or returns.

Renewal proposals and new subscriptions

Your renewal proposal and new subscription from VodafoneZiggo, UPC,, Tele2, T-Mobile or Virgin Media

✓ Guaranteed safe and secured sending of personal information.
✓ Controlled sending and receiving emails throughout Europe and on a worldwide scale.
✓ Priority sending of service messages.

Financial and legal information

Secured financial and legal information and subscription for ABN AMRO, MoneyYou, Findio, SNS and Interbank

✓ Guaranteed safe and secured sending of private and confidential information.
✓ Priority sending of service messages.
✓ Scheduled sending of periodic emails and updates, or triggered in response to an event.

Participant campaign flow

Participant campaign flow for trainee programs by DENK Producties

✓ Confirmation emails for registration for courses or training.
✓ Reminder emails for a training or preparation material.
✓ Review emails as survey, follow-up on a training and previews on upcoming events.

Want to make sure your customers receive your transactional emails?

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