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Research shows that 98% of SMS messages are read within 5 minutes (90% within 3 seconds!) meaning SMS is a great channel if you want to be sure that your message is read.

Want certainty that your message is received? Try SMS with Clang for 14 days with a free license!

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High attention value

Reach 98% of your target group with your message within 5 minutes. Fast and effective!


Make your messages personal by targeting and adding dynamic content to your message.

Two directions

SMS allows the recipient to respond to your message giving a window of opportunity for great conversations!

Implement SMS effectively


Let your contacts know via SMS when their package has been sent or when their pizza is ready.

Appointment reminder

Schedule an SMS to remind customers of their appointment. Avoid no-shows and increase revenue.

Two-step verification and single-use passwords

Increase the security of your message with two-step verification or sending single-use passwords for online documents.

Research and feedback

Receive quick answers to SMS polls, questionnaires or feedback requests with two-way SMS.

Inspiring ideas

Think about personalised discount codes in SMS, newsletters via SMS or a personal wishes on the birthday of your contact. Plenty of options!

Try SMS with Clang

Enrich your data

All data from SMS is collected in Clang, allowing you to trigger new campaigns on other marketing channels and enrich profiles based on the customer’s actions. That way you ensure that you continue to supplement the 360-degree customer view and that you continue to optimise your communication. Bye single channel marketing strategy, hello omnichannel marketing strategy!

SMS in Clang

SMS is available as a module in the Clang Store, so you can switch it on and off yourself. You can try the module for free for 14 days!

Want to reach 98% of your target group with SMS? Then try SMS now with a free license for 14 days!

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