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Send the right message, to the right target audience, perfectly timed, via the right channel.

Push it with Clang.

The right message, perfectly timed.

Do you want to truly connect with your customer? Make sure you send the right message, to the right target audience, perfectly timed, via the right channel. With Clang, you can now reach customers who have downloaded your app with Push Notifications. An interactive feedback loop provides you the opportunity to gather all your relevant customer behaviour data in one single overview. We help you find out which channel is the right fit for your customer and how you can use Push Notifications in the most effective way.

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Why use Push Notifications?

With Push Notifications in Clang, you can now be even more relevant and target your audience even better. You can target on the location of your contacts and send them a message when they are, for example, in the vicinity of your shop or at the airport. Furthermore, Puh Notifications have a very high urgency value; when customers look at their phone, they see them straight away. This way, you can send your customers to your app directly, at the right time.

In short, why Push Notifications?

  • It’s timely: The user’s behaviour, location, or preference triggers the notification.
  • It’s personal: The content of the push appeals to the user as an individual.
  • It’s actionable: The push makes it clear what the user should do next.

This way your message is always up-to-date and personal, so you truly connect with your customer. In addition, thanks to an interactive feedback loop you gather all relevant behavioural customer data in one single overview.


Connect via different channels

In Clang, it was already possible to reach your target audience via email, SMS, Facebook Audience, Facebook Lead Ads, print and landing pages. With Push Notifications added to Clang, you can now align and connect your channels even better. Has your customer not opened the email containing that important message? Send an SMS. Do you offer discount that is only valid in your app? Send a Push Notification. Does your customer leave anything in their shopping cart? Send an Abandoned Shopping Cart mailing. The right message, at the right time, to the right target audience, via the right channel. By using different channels, you increase the engagement between your customer and your brand.

All your relevant data in one overview

With Clang, you gather all your data in one single overview. This way, you can target (potential) customers with personalised campaigns based on their own behaviour. Now that you can send Push Notifications to customers that have downloaded your app, their data is constantly automatically being enriched. An interactive feedback loop enables app behaviour to be send real time to Clang. This way, you know for example exactly which products interest your customer, which enables you to adapt your campaign to this relevant data.

How do you turn Push Notifications on?

Push Notifications is available in the Clang Store as a module, which means you can turn them on or off yourself at any time. After activating Push Notifications, you implement the SDK in your app, which allows the app to directly talk to Clang. You now select your target group and devices in your campaign. You can send push messages via a campaign trigger.

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