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No, direct mail didn't die with the dinosaurs. It may seem like an outdated method, nowadays you hardly receive anything by post. Exactly! It's time to take advantage. Send your contacts a DM and get noticed. Keep your message personal and leave and leave a smile on your audience's face.

Integrate print with all channels

Coordinate your marketing activities from Clang to make sure the experience is seamless.

Automate your print

Automate the sending of your print content with campaign triggers in Clang.

Segment your message

Send your print content to different profiles with segmented personalised content.

Engage the hard-to-reach

Everyone is unique and have their own preference in communications. Person A may prefer to receive everything via email, while Person B prefers to communicate via SMS. Are you having difficulties reaching some contacts via email? Tried to reach them via another channel, such as SMS or Push Notifications and still no response? Send a DM. This way you can ensure that your message will always reach your contact.

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Avoid the trash can

Inspired print messages

Birthday card

Congratulate someone personally by sending a birthday card they won't forget.

Important documents

Send important information by post, such as policy conditions, insurance documents or statements.


Tell your contacts personally about a sale or event through a DM.

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