Clang Pages

Building a landing page is difficult and technical? Not with Clang Pages! Clang Pages is designed to provide email marketers with all the conveniences you need to create responsive forms and personalized landing pages in an instant.

Build landing pages with Clang Pages

You can get started right away, because HTML knowledge is not required! Create targeted forms? A form in your own house style? Or show variations based on profile characteristics? That is all possible with Clang Pages!

Clang Pages Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop function

With the Drag & Drop function simply click a landing page or form together. The library is full of objects that let you go completely crazy. From radio buttons to select boxes, from date pickers to buttons and from input field to checkboxes. Everything is in it to compile a registration form, questionnaire or other page.

Clang Pages Plug & Play

Plug & Play template

The Plug & Play template makes it possible to create forms for your landing page faster and easier. It is of course also possible to have a custom made template developed by us that is fully tailored to your corporate identity. The Template Masters from the Campaign Services department are happy to help you!

Clang Pages Styling


You can adjust the styling of your Page to your liking. Every object has its own configuration. Clang Pages also fully cooperates with the bootstrap framework. Link your stylesheet to automatically convert your form to the desired style.

Clang Pages Responsive Design

Responsive design

Being mobile proof is a must nowadays. That is why the Plug & Play responsive built template. This way the mobile user can always make optimum use of your form.

Personalize forms with liquid content

Personalization is an important part of email marketing. Inside the Plug & Play template are many options. Think of creating personalized headers for your form or automatically show a color based on gender (blue or pink). By using liquid content, your forms become even more personal. For example, you can process questions in your form that are only shown to men. Ideal!

Clang Pages personalization
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