Send messages that stick with Mobile Inbox

Mobile Inbox is a personalised inbox for your app users. Keep users more engaged with an inbox where users can always return to their messages. It allows you to reach 100% of your app users and you decide how long these messages remain in the Mobile Inbox.

Reward your loyal customers

Show your users that it pays to open the app regularly with relevant messages in the Mobile Inbox that truly help your customers.

All under one roof

Your user conveniently has all their important messages together in the Mobile Inbox. Has an offer in a particular message ended? You can automatically delete these messages!

Reach 100% of your audience

Expand your reach and send personally relevant, segmented messages to everyone who uses your app.

Mobile Inbox at its best

Gain inspiration from our best practice or work alongside us to develop a strong strategy that fits your target group, identity and goals.

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Consistent conversations

Because messages in Mobile Inbox stay in the same place, users know exactly where they can access all offers and communications.

Remove the roadblock

Communicate with users who have unsubscribed from push or email. Add a badge to your app icon to show that a new message is waiting for them.

Behaviour based segmentations

Make your communication relevant and personal by responding to their behaviour in the app. This ensures that the user feels heard, which contributes to customer loyalty.

VodafoneZiggo reaches 100% of their app users

VodafoneZiggo sends invoices, updates and extensive messages via Mobile Inbox to increase engagement with their target group. Because Clang stores all preferences and interests, VodafoneZiggo sends the right message, via the right channel, at the right time.

Also reach all of your customers?

Enrich every channel

All data from your app is fed into Clang, allowing your customer’s actions to trigger new campaigns from other marketing channels and enrich profiles. This two-way connection allows you to continue supplementing a 360-degree customer view and gives you the ability to continue optimising your communication. Bye single-channel marketing strategy, hello omnichannel marketing strategy!

Don’t stop at Mobile Inbox, take the next step

Mobile Inbox extremely useful as a personal inbox where users can read (and re-read) their messages. If you want to complete your Mobile App marketing, add Push Notifications to your deck. Ensure that you send users to your app at the right time and renew your relationship.

With In-App Messaging you ensure that you communicate with the user at every stage of their customer journey. This allows you to send relevant and personalised messages to your users while they are active in the app and make sure they remain engaged.

Do you want to send personalised messages to your app users that stick?

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