Get even more from Clang by integrating it to your web shop, CRM, ERP and CMS. Below you will find all the standard integrations, but we can also realise customised integrations!

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Amadeus Property Management - IDPMS is a property management system with which reservations can be managed. The integration with Clang makes it possible to synchronize real-time availability. Confirmation emails, invoices, pre-arrival mails and welcome home mails can also be sent automatically.

ASPOS is an online and real time omnichannel retail platform with one central database in the cloud. All transactions and mutations work directly on the database. By integrating ASPOS with Clang, you can synchronise customer data in real time and approach your customer at the right time with the right message by email.

Bitly enables you to shorten URLs. Your URL can get very long, especially if it contains a UTM code. Bitly is practical to use in a text message. You save on the number of characters and when you add UTMs to the link, you can still track the shortened links.

It remains a challenge to work with a clean email database and deliver as many emails as possible. The link with BriteVerify validates customer records in real time and, in the shape of a campaign object, is easy to use in all your online campaigns.

Buckaroo is a payment solution that specializes in billing and payment for companies and online payments for web retailers. By integrations Clang with Buckaroo you can easily process payments in your Clang form or page.

Celebrus captures a complete image of customer behaviour and then translates this to dynamic, historical and real time customer profiles. By predicting behaviour, the customer can be sent to a specific campaign in Clang.

Channable is a tool that enables you to offer products on comparison sites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces. With Channable, you can add to and optimise delivered data and select and filter products for each channel with better results as the goal.

The integration of Clang and CloseAlert enables you to collect real time feedback. Ask the recipient for feedback so you can make your mailings most relevant and your conversion eventually increases.

DataFeedWatch is a data feed management and optimization tool that downloads the updated product data every day and uploads it to a shopping channel within a few minutes.

Datatrics enables you to apply predictive marketing. By integrating Datatrics with Clang the self-learning algorithms can predict which customer can be reached when for which message and through which channel.

Facebook Audiences allow you to approach your customer from Clang on Facebook. In Clang, you create a customer selection, for example customers who have or haven’t opened a certain newsletter. You send this selection to Facebook, where the customers see a specific message on their timeline. The customer selection can easily be created with a profile or group.

The integration with Facebook Lead Ads enables you to easily generate leads through Facebook. These leads are immediately visible in Clang. Follow this data by starting any desired campaign in Clang.

FlexService is broadcast software for intermediaries in the flex industry. The integration of Clang and FlexService can be used to process hours.

Fresh Relevance is a personalisation platform to stimulate ROI. By integrating Clang and Fresh Relevance, you maximise the return on emails by relevant information, offers and promotions based on real time data and interactions.

The HubSpot integration allows you to receive the changes taking place in your CRM system directly in Clang. Think, for example, of an email address that changes or a wrong salutation. You can also create campaigns based on these changes. This way, you can start a welcome process in case of a newly added customer. Or when removing a customer in the CRM, you can also remove the data in Clang.

Paying with iDeal is now even faster. Integrate Clang with iDeal and ensure that all your iDEAL payments are processed in a Clang form or page.

Insided is an online customer service in which customers receive relevant and trusted advice and answers from other customers, agents and partners. The questions are stored in a knowledge base and as soon as the same question is asked, the answer is taken from the knowledge base. With a campaign object in Clang, it is possible to retrieve leads (email addresses) from Insided.

Invenna connects all data sources so that a 360-degree customer view is created with which you can compile the most beautiful omnichannel campaigns, which are completely tailored to the customer.

Integrate Magento with Clang so you can send personalised emails. Did someone make a purchase? The confirmation email will immediately make suggestions for related articles. But the credit balance or an abandoned shopping cart are also reasons for an extra moment of contact. And perhaps even the start of a targeted email marketing campaign.

By integrating Clang with MessageBird you can easily organize your text message marketing, both inbound and outbound.

Olery offers companies in the hospitality branch insight in the online reviews by guests.

PRDCT collects customer data from all sources and uses it to put together profiles. By integrating to Clang, PRDCT sends this information directly to Clang. This allows you to reach your customer with the right message.

The RDW (Dutch road traffic service) offers various data sets as open data, such as open vehicle data and open parking data. The integration with RDW synchronizes mobility data such as vehicle and parking data or the MOT date. Automatic emails can be sent based on that information.

Relay42 is a DMP that combines data: data to reach existing customers and discover new ones. The integration with Relay42 enables building long-lasting customer relations. Based on, for example, webpages that were visited, personalised content will be shown in the mailing. Relay42 is the only platform built for AI-driven customer journeys with real time connectivity for all systems and touchpoints.

All data in Salesforce Marketing Automation CRM, like customer data and buying behaviour, can be integrated with Clang. These links enable you to completely utilise all customer information. And when you combine opening and clicking behaviour with Clang’s powerful and unique meta tagging, Clang enables you to communicate like never before.

Sitecore combines content, commerce and personalization to create unique customer experiences. Use all available customer data to personalize your emails and to be able to email more relevantly. This ensures better conversions and results.

Squeezely is a Data Management Platform that combines data to better reach existing customers and discover new ones. Use this data to, for example, send personalised emails such as abandoned cart emails.

By integrating Clang and Stratech Campaign, the data in the reservation system is made available to Clang. This way you can send your guests fully segmented and personalized emails based on their data. Set up your email campaigns once and you no longer have to worry about it.

The integration between Clang and SugarCRM lets you automatically synchronise your data in SugarCRM with Clang. This allow you to automatically personalise your marketing campaigns.

An integration between SuperOffice and Clang allows you to immediately synchronise data that changes in one system with the other system. This allows you, for example, to start a welcome campaign when adding a new customer.

Tealium is a Tag Management System that makes it easy to implement, manage and maintain tags with an easy-to-use web interface. In addition to a TMS, Tealium is also a DMP that can extract data from different sources and bring it together in a central location.

Tommy Booking Support is a reservation system for the recreational branch that plans, manages and processes bookings. By integrating Tommy Booking Support with Clang, you can directly send all customers and bookings to Clang so you can send segmented emails based on this data.

Trustpilot is an independent assessment platform where customers can leave a review that helps consumers and companies make decisions. By integrating your Trustpilot account with Clang you can automatically send review invitations to customers.

With Typeform you are able to generate more customer data through interactive forms and surveys. This customer data is sent directly to Clang so that you can start follow-up campaigns. You can also use Typeform to generate more leads.

The weather forecasts of a specific location in your email? That is possible with the link with! The weather forecast is retrieved and displayed in the email. Ideal for, for example, accommodation or leisure providers.

Is your integration not listed? Do not panic! We love to help you with creating your integration!

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