Sky high ROI with email

Email has been the channel producing the highest ROI in years gone by. Clang offers you everything you need to reach every individual customer with the right message, at the right time in every phase of the customer journey.

Drag & Drop email editor

Clang’s intuitive drag & drop feature makes building customised responsive emails easy. Drag the content blocks to where you want them and create interactive, breathtaking emails.

Unique customer connections

Treat every customer as an individual. The possibilities to segment and personalise are endless, allowing you to create unique customer experiences and form a genuine connection.

Results at a glance

Compile your own dashboard in Clang Analytics and see how your emails are performing in real time. This way you know exactly which campaigns are working for you and which need some extra TLC.

Level up your email marketing with Clang

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Higher conversion with dynamic content

Using dynamic content, it ensures you are providing your audience with content tailored to them. Boost your conversions by making an impact with information relevant to every recipient.

Make their day

Surprise your recipient with entertaining, interactive conversations. The possibilities for making your emails more attractive are growing rapidly. Add tooltips, video, audio or a countdown timer in your email? If you’re feeling really adventurous, look using AMP in your emails.

Maximise your results and TEST!

Clang’s A/B testing function SmartRun allows you to compare multiple variants of your email such as subject line, send time, content and layout (or any other variant for that matter!) to asses what resonates the most with your audience.

Remain relevant

The more data you have from your customers, the more relevant and personal you can email. Integrate all your software with Clang and have customer data synchronised automatically and in real time so you can automatically send perfectly compiled emails with relevant content to your recipient at the right time.

Reach every recipient's inbox

Leave no contact untouched. With an astonishing deliverability average of 99.77% and many authentication techniques, Clang guarantees an excellent reputation among Internet Service Providers, such as Gmail and Outlook.

Transactional email

Reach your customers reliably and within seconds. Make sure your digital invoices, order confirmations, password resets and digital tickets always arrive on time.

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