Email deliverability literally means ‘the ability to deliver an email’. This depends on many more things than just your email. It includes the quality of your database, the quality and size of your content and the reliability of your sending address. So deliverability can’t be expressed as a score. One of the KPIs to indicate your deliverability quality is the Accepted Rate, which is the percentage of emails delivered to the inbox.

Clang offers outstanding deliverability

All modern authentication techniques are possible in Clang. What’s more, Clang assists you while composing and when it’s time to send it, so that you get the best possible result from your email marketing. For example, the warning that an image in the email is too large or a message about the suitability of the sender address in an email. In addition, Clang has an excellent reputation among Internet Service Providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Your email marketing benefits from this reputation.

What else we can do for you

Deliverability Training

During Deliverability Training you learn how to ensure that your emails reach the inbox of the intended recipient. You will learn how to qualify and monitor deliverability, how to prevent and resolve deliverability problems and what technical settings are required. You’ll also receive practical tips for gaining opt-ins.

Deliverability monitoring and reporting

For optimum email delivery and maintaining your reputation, we can monitor your sent mail. In this case, we analyze the quality of the email and database and look at the reasons for the bounces that occurred. We also map the acceptance of email by the various mailbox providers, show the inbox placement percentage and ensure that incorrect email addresses are immediately removed from the database.

Email authentication

For your emails to reach the inbox of the intended recipient email, authentication is a must. We ensure that technical email authentication is set up on SPF, DKIM and DMARC. We also help you work with BIMI, guaranteeing you the most innovative solutions for deliverability, email authentication and branding!

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