17% more follow-on purchases by using marketing automation

Client case: Drukwerkdeal.nl

Marketing automation zorgt voor meer vervolgaankopen


Before, Drukwerkdeal.nl did not have a follow-up campaign setup. Customers did not receive any commercial mailings after their purchase. Previous email marketing statistics have proven; when a customer does a follow-up purchase shortly after their first purchase, it means the start of a fruitful and long term relationship. That is why Drukwerkdeal.nl wanted to stimulate their customer to do a follow-on purchase, so we built an elaborate flow for them.


We built an extensive follow-up flow aiming for the customer to do a follow-on purchase. The flow is designed for the customer to, based on their details and order history, warm them up to stimulate a next purchase. The customer is most likely to fill in more details when they are still in action mode, so right after their purchase. The first part of the flow was designed with the purpose of database enrichment and includes a mailing asking to add details to their profile, an invite to a partner program, an invite to Drukwerkdeal.nl’s loyalty program, a mailing with tips and free tools. For the first part of the flow, the customer is only exposed to all advantages of Drukwerkdeal.nl to keep them warm. After their second order, the goal is achieved and the customer is send to the regular newsletter flow. Did the customer not place a follow-on order? Then they will be sent the 3 next best offers, based on their first order. To maximize the effect of the campaign, we use a multichannel approach. Remarketing, Google Ads and Social Advertising all run parallel to the email flow.


The use of marketing automation increased the amount of follow-on purchases with 17% within a month of starting the use of the flow. Other results:

  • Open Ratio is almost +34% compared to average.
  • CTR is almost +87% compared to average.
  • CTO is almost +40% compared to average.
  • Unsubscribe ratio is 33% lower than average.

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