Unroll.me: why you are losing subscribers

Written by Team e-Village

An overflowing inbox, who doesn’t have one? Result: opt-outs. Every (email) marketer’s worst nightmare. Free services such as Unroll.me, Throttle and Unsubscribr cleverly play into the subscriber’s ‘email fatigue’. These kinds of services take over your inbox and make it easier to unregister for newsletter and commercial emails. In fact, that’s the basis of these services.

How does Unroll.me work?

Unroll.me is a free service that allows newsletter recipients to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Unroll.me needs access to the inbox to be able to scan all e-mails. After scanning, you will receive a complete list with all newsletters and advertising e-mails. You can then indicate which newsletters and advertising e-mails people want and no longer wish to receive.

Add to rollup Unroll.me

Figure 1: Unroll.me


It is also possible at Unroll.me to indicate which newsletters should be included in a Roll-up collection. These newsletters no longer appear in the inbox, but in an overview. The Roll-up is a collection of e-mails that people don’t really want to get rid of. Handy, right? That is certainly true, but not for (e-mail) marketers! This has an effect on your response and open ratios. The Roll-up only shows a small screenshot of your newsletter. The ESP (E-mail Service Provider) calculates the screenshot, using the tracking pixel, as an ‘open’. The entire content of the e-mail is loaded: text, images and therefore also the tracking pixel.

Roll-up Unroll.me
Figure 2: Roll-up

Avoid email unsubscriptions

But what drives subscribers to unsubscribe from a newsletter or advertising e-mail? Better yet, how do you prevent cancellations? Below we give you a number of useful tips to limit the number of cancellations.

  • Provide a (double) opt-in with e-mail verification.
  • Specify the sending frequency of your e-mail.
  • Provide relevant and appropriate content.
  • Try to avoid the SPAM box.
  • Ensure a good deregistration process.
  • Add an option to unsubscribe periodically or temporarily.
  • Discourage services such as Unroll.me. The recipient grants access to the entire inbox and thus the complete e-mail history.
  • What happens after you give Unroll.me permission with your data? That can just end up on the street.

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