Responsive forms for your emails using Pages by Clang

Written by Team e-Village

What is Pages?

Pages replaces Forms. Using Pages, we offer even more user-friendliness. Above all, Pages saves more time. It’s the easy way to create responsive forms and personalised landing pages. Clang has a Plug & Play template waiting for you. This template contains a library with objects that allows you to get to work on your responsive forms right away. Use the Drag & Drop feature to drag the desired objects into your responsive forms or personalised landing page. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary (any more); any (email) marketer can get to work right away!

Advantages of Pages

The main advantage of Pages is that you can now design responsive forms using the standard Plug & Play template. You also don’t need any knowledge of CSS or HTML. It’s only a matter of dragging and configuring the right objects and your responsive form is done!

These are the advantages of your responsive form

  • Standard Plug & Play template;
  • Template based on responsive design;
  • Handy Drag & Drop function;
  • Completely customisable;
  • Link it to your own style sheet;
  • Or use the house style;
  • No knowledge of CSS or HTML required!

Get to work with Pages right away!

In short, are you looking to design personalized and responsive forms for your landing pages? Then get to work with Pages! The objects in the library come with extensive configuration options to give you more control on the look and feel of your responsive form. Do you want to add extra logic in the form of CSS, JavaScript or other features? That’s not a problem at all. You can do this one of two ways; by creating your own template (or having it done), or by adjusting an existing template to your wishes.

Would you like more information, or do you have other wishes regarding your custom made template? Please contact us.

Webinar Pages

Webinar Pages


Tutorial Clang Pages

Mocht dit niet voldoende zijn of heb je andere wensen met betrekking tot een custom made template? Neem dan contact met ons op. Onze collega's van de afdeling Campaign Services helpen je graag verder!

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