Inspiration: Putting the rush back into retail

Written by Grace Roberts

In 2020 so far, the retail industry accounts for around 23trillion USD. Despite being accountable for such a huge portion of the market, recent months have served up new challenges to the industry, especially related to its high street presence.

Marketing Strategies

There is no greater feeling than heading to a store and falling head over heels for an item. By using online techniques, we can pull the potatoes off the couch and bring them instore to cultivate a long-lasting customer relationship. How do we do this? By gaining more insight into the ROPO effect (research online, purchase offline) within your organisation and providing the customer with an entirely omnichannel experience.

For example, send an email or push notification containing an item your consumer has shown interest in, accompanied by an offer redeemable via a mobile coupon. The coupon is an automatically generated personal barcode that the consumer can scan at the cash register – it’s that simple!

Foundation elements of an omnichannel retail experience

There are 3 basic and necessary elements of an omnichannel retail experience:

  • Email Marketing
    Adopting an email strategy to trigger customers and prospects to visit your physical store. Personal, unique coupons compliment this strategy well.
  • Mobile App Marketing
    Push notifications can also be a great place to notify your customer of offers straight from their mobile app. Using geofencing, you can send service messages “Get a free coffee while you shop!” which are triggered when the app user is near to your store. Finally, using the mobile inbox you can store messages containing coupons for a length of time you desire.
  • Personal Coupons
    Creating digital coupons that are available through all digital and physical channels? It’s possible! Clang makes it easy to create unique discount codes. Our partner Retail Rush is a user-friendly, fantastic platform that allows you to redeem these codes at the checkout of 99% of retail chains in the Netherlands and Europe.

Benefits of using Digital Coupons in your Omnichannel marketing strategy

  • Increase footfall into your store and generate conversions.
  • Makes it easier to distribute targeted, personalised promotions to a segmented portion of your audience.
  • Personalised offers are an inexpensive way to reward customer loyalty. Offering a more specific deal to a smaller portion of your contact base. Using recommended tools also takes some pressure off promotion.
  • You get a complete picture of the impact of your campaigns, channels and sales locations, by making the customer journey visible through Retail Rush and Clang.
  • Online campaigns can be easily adjusted and optimised.
  • The ability to use consumer data in smart and subtle ways.

Take Action

It is clear that the use of personal, digital coupons brings a lot of benefits. Below we give you some examples of how you can use personal, digital coupons in a smart and efficient way. 

Loyalty Recognition – A gift reward following a purchase

Your biggest fans are the people who have already purchased from you. As mentioned earlier, using the correct email flow to incentivise someone to follow up with a second purchase, means they’re more likely to purchase from your again and again, creating a long lasting, fruitful relationship.

Expand your database – Discount for subscribing to your online newsletter

Grow your newsletter contact list. Provide your audience with a personal coupon if they subscribe to your newsletter. This can be done via landing pages and forms on your website. This will expand your reach and help to nurture your relationships with potential customers.

Promote a product – offer a fixed price discount for an item

This can be as basic as “10 EUR off a pair of headphones this week”. This is the most popular use for personal, digital couponing. People generally understand them which make them more likely to use them. Offering a fixed price discount on a particular item in your store or for an event.

Make Retail Real Again

With Corona still disrupting our everyday “normal”, our innate need for trust and the warmth of personal relationships is increasing. Now is as good of a time as any to put your customer’s needs first and make them the hero of your brand. Control, measure and increase footfall into your stores to accelerate your revenue. Contact us now and together we can breathe life back into the high-street.

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