AI Inspiration: Make an impact with your Subject Lines

Written by Grace Roberts

35% of recipients will only open an email on the basis of a catchy subject line. Your first impression counts. Make it an intelligent one. Set aside the fact that you spent a whole day crafting the perfect email or whether you’re offering your whole client-base a trip to the Maldives, if no one actually opens your email, it’s all gone to waste.

Savvy marketers know the latest technology can help them make a great first impression and drive action from their audience, maintaining a long-lasting customer relationship. Artificial Intelligence (no, we aren’t talking about world-dominating robots) is the latest sensation in marketing tech and we’re here to tell you how useful and flexible this tool can be in creating highly successful campaigns.

Specifically in this article, we are going to show you the advantages of using AI in order to create effective subject lines. Improving this aspect of your marketing campaigns with tailored suggestions is a great way to start your journey with AI. This article will give you a great understanding of how you can use e-Village’s AI feature: Subject line optimisation in your email campaigns to increase your ROI with a database full of happy customers.

What does Subject line optimisation focus on?

Our AI tool looks at the following characteristics when assessing the success of your emails.

  • Tone
    The tone used in your emails is very important. How do you want to sound in your emails and is it appropriate for your brand? You wouldn’t work for a bank and use a casual, overly friendly tone but more an informative one.
  • Length
    Market research shows 41 characters is the optimum length for a subject line, but how does your audience feel? We don’t just run off international averages, we look at what your target group have preferred in the past and make suggestions based on their behaviour.
  • Personalisation
    Many people think personalisation is putting someone’s name in the subject line but we know it can go so much deeper than that. Personalisation can go right down to the specific offer that an individual receives. With our tool you can craft different subject lines to go to different demographics within your profile. Even with a small bit of personalisation, you can boost your open rates by 50%. Imagine the possibilities.
  • Language
    The language you use can change the way your audience reacts to your email. Specific words can trigger negative behaviours in your target audience. Using the example above, if you work for a bank, you aren’t going to use emojis and slang terminology.

How is that put into action?

When using an AI tool on your subject lines, looking at generic advice won’t help you improve your open rates. Every company should be assessing their target audience individually. That’s why, the subject line optimisation tool, doesn’t use international standards to provide its predictions and suggestions, it uses historical results from your customer base and analyses previously well-performing campaigns.

Based on historical touchpoints. Subject line optimisation gets to you before you send out the campaign. It gives you hints and tips on how to alter your subject line as per the above characteristics in order to achieve the best engagement possible.

Learn like a machine

As a marketer, we should all be at the forefront of new, innovative technology to improve not only your campaigns but your own knowledge too. Artificial Intelligence can help you improve the effectiveness of your subject lines, making your brand more money.

Using AI can’t answer all of life’s little problems, but it’s a great place to start when producing effective subject lines for successful marketing campaigns. Find out more about e-Village’s latest AI features and what else it offers.



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