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Are you already using the new options to stand out even more?

Written by Team e-Village

In 2013, Gmail introduced five different tabs that give Gmail users more overview in their mailbox. That was desperately needed, because we receive a lot of emails every day. Newsletters and other promotional emails usually end up in the Gmail promotions tab. Is that a good or a bad development?


Gmail Promotions Tab in the Gmail App

Why it is good that your newsletter ends up in the Gmail promotions tab

It’s very simple: commercial emails belong under this tab. Your subscriber expects your newsletter here. This is especially to your advantage, because if your subscriber is browsing the Gmail promotions tab, he or she is more receptive to what you have to say or offer. Do you think nobody looks under the promotions tab? They do! According to research by MailPoet, 45% of Gmail users look at this tab daily.

In fact, you only shoot yourself in the foot if you try to get your newsletters or other promotional emails in the primary tab. Yes, there are tricks for that, but we strongly advise against using them. Chances are that your subscribers will punish you, in the form of a cancellation, or worse: a complaint. You’ll be entering a space where you’re not expected and that is not appreciated in most cases.

“By the way, are you curious to see under which tab your newsletter is currently found? Try using the Gmass tool. You can test whether your email is showing up in the inbox, spam box or promotions tab.”

How do you use the Gmail Promotions Tab to take your email marketing to a higher level?

Because all promotional emails can be found in the same place, you’ll want to attract extra attention. Gmail understands this and so they’ve launched five new features that will take your email marketing to the next level. We’ll touch on all five of them.

1. Recognizability with your own logo

You can now add your logo. Previously, the Gmail user would only see the sender’s name. Now your subscribers can see at a glance from whom they have received an email.

2. Image

Previously you could only stand out in the Gmail promotions tab with a strong subject line, shred and sender. Just a lot text, but now you can stand out visually and add an image to convince your reader to click through.

3. Green deal badge

Gmail has added a “green deal badge”. That is a green block in which you can make sure an extra discount or special offer stands out. Don’t offer discounts? Then this feature is still very valuable, because you can also make your proposition stand out. Think of things like “delivered within 24 hours” or “free returns.”

4. Discount code

In addition to the green block, you can add an extra discount code in a gray block. The advantage is that your subscriber will see the discount code before he or she has opened the email, which is also much more likely to trigger action.

5. Expiry date – increases urgency

Increase the urgency of your email newsletter by showing an expiration date in the preview. If you add an expiration date, you even have the chance to be featured twice in the Gmail promotions tab. Once when you send the newsletter and just before the deal expires, without having to send the email again.

Gmail Promotions Tab example in the Gmail App

Relevant newsletters are in the spotlight

Gmail puts the most relevant newsletters in the spotlight in the Gmail promotions tab. This means that your subscribers get to see relevant deals faster and if you use the possibilities of the promotions tab: they’ll see your newsletter first. That is a big advantage over the newsletters that don’t make use of the Gmail promotions tab.

Drukwerkdeal test

A number of our customers are already taking advantage of the new possibilities, including Drukwerkdeal. Although they are still busy with testing over at Drukwerkdeal, they’re not seeing any negative effects and in a number of tests a significantly higher conversion.

Gmail Promotions Tab example in the Gmail App

In short, the Gmail promotions tab mainly offers opportunities to make your newsletter even more relevant and to make it stand out faster to your subscribers. Be sure to test with your newsletter: use one or all five of the new possibilities of the promotions tab and test what works for your target group.

Do you also want to use the new possibilities of the Gmail promotions tab? You just have to add an extra piece of HTML code to your email’s source code. You can let us add this code to your email template.

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