Is data the enemy of innovation? Implementing data-driven design

Written by Grace Roberts

Data is too frequently viewed as numbers, cold, hard figures on a page. Design is seen as creativity not bound by facts, but free-flowing and expressive. This does not mean they are limited to their stereotypes and what if we could harness the power of data to influence our designs ensuring we are really producing the aesthetics our customers want to see. We can appeal to our target audience better by understanding what they want, the end result is higher engagement and better conversions.

Some designers can be intimidated by the process of data-driven design, but we’re here to tell you about the benefits, help you understand it better and debunk all the myths, so you can start to implement this tried and tested process. Making it accessible to everyone, even if you aren’t a designer!

5 reasons to implement data-driven design

  • It puts the user at the heart of your designs
    Using insightful data as the foundation of your designs helps you to understand your target audience and tailor your brand image to your user’s preferences and specific goals. Your customer is the hero of your brand.
  • It breaks the boundaries of best practice and allows for innovation
    It’s human nature. We are comfortable with what we know. Design courses and qualifications can lead to an unbreakable bond with “best practice”, but sometimes, best practice isn’t the best course of action.
  • You gain a wealth of knowledge from the insights of your users
    It’s as simple as, it’s easier to sell to someone you know to. You’re aware of their likes and dislikes. Gaining a wealth of knowledge about your target audience will only help to enrich their profiles, making selling to them that much easier.
  • Success isn’t a one-size-fits-all
    Each page & person on your website is there for a different reason. Each webpage should serve a different purpose and each person is there for a solution unique to them. One design won’t work for every purpose. Dig deep into the goal of your design and the desires of your audience to create a design that works in your favour.
  • It eradicates bias designs
    Everything creative is subject to some degree of bias. What your designer may like aesthetically may be completely different to what your consumers like and unless your product is 100% unique and there is nothing like it in the market already, your consumers already have some idea about what they want to see. Data-driven design eradicates the designer bias and provides you with designs that convert.


How do you implement data-driven design?

It might seem like a foreign language but there are lots of steps you can take to implementing data driven design. The method eVillageStudio implement when collecting the data which drives the design is quantitative data, it’s a value of data in the form of numbers where each dataset has a numerical figure associated. What types of research can we conduct in quantitative data?

Quantitative Methods

  • A/B & Multivariate testing
  • Mouse tracking
  • Tapping into bounce rates on older designs
  • Industry specific benchmarks

So, you aren’t a designer?

We’ve covered lot’s of different industry jargon today and understand it might seem like a lot of strategies to implement and a lot of data analysis. We’re marketers and we have enough on our plate already without being faced with fixing something which might not be obviously broken, but as always, we’re here to help you.

e-Village found a common trial facing our customers. Hiring a great designer who really understands your brand’s image can be hard and when you do find them, their time is always in short supply. That’s why we decided to launch the eVillageStudio. An allocated army of data-driven design experts to help you implement this sure-fire way of gaining more customer interest and conversions. Our studio specialises in 3 areas of data driven designs.

Design Review

We review your current designs and give you immediate feedback on areas to improve for quick wins, optimising the results of your communications.

(Re) design

A (re) design of your current or new email template & landing page, so that your design is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

Design Sprint

In just 5 days we help you in the creative process. From ideas to a successful design that suits your
organisation and target group.

Make data-driven your decision

One of the most exciting elements of this strategy is that it is always possible to collect more data leaving the possibilities for an even greater design decisions endless. Data is most definitely not the enemy of innovation, it’s the powerhouse behind its success.

Let us help you understand the complexities of data analysing and visit the eVillageStudio for further guidance.

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