AI Inspiration: Profile & Campaign Advisor

Written by Grace Roberts

Let’s build a successful campaign you want. With the introduction of 4 new AI features within Clang comes the Profile and Campaign Advisors, your very own marketing consultants without the annual salary to ensure your campaigns and send profiles are in the best shape they could be.

By using valuable hints and tips and actionable amendments, this new recruit on your team can assess the message you’re sending out, and whom you’re sending it too and using machine learning, highlights errors and offers helpful suggestions. Being some of the newest technology in marketing automation, you might be wondering, what is a Campaign & Profile advisor? Well, let us tell you!

What is the Campaign Advisor? 

We know how tricky it can be creating the perfect campaign with the perfect objects. It’s so important to get this step right to achieve optimum satisfaction from our customers. Without a carefully crafted campaign flow, it can harm your brand’s reputation. We aim to take some of the headaches away from this process.

Our Campaign advisor eliminates the chance of human error and alerts you when stages in your campaign flow are sub-optimal. As well as explaining in full an advisory, we provide you with its status, how much impact this advisory will have on the successful running of your campaign. See example below:

Some of the most promising applications of AI in marketing automation relate to using insights to boost productivity, which can then optimise a brand’s marketing strategy. This type of work would take extensive human resources using traditional methods, but with AI doing the heavy lifting, marketers have quick access to accurate insights and improvement suggestions.

What is the Profile Advisor? 

To keep up with ever-increasing customer data, marketers need to grasp technology, specifically, AI observations and suggestions. Thanks to AI, marketers can adopt these processes such as optimising campaigns and using available data to its full potential.

Imagine the worst piece of marketing advice you have received? Blanket send one message to your entire database. Relentlessly email unengaged data. It makes us cringe to know that this happens. It’s time we started to understand that each individual is different, each customer enjoys different things, and we want to make sure you’re sending the right message to the right person at precisely the right time. Enter, the Profile advisor. Your personal AI assistant integrated within Clang.

So, you’re building a profile in Clang? You want that profile to send the right amount of messages to the right kind of engagement – check out engagement scoring for more on this. Clang’s Profile advisor comes into action as you’re building your target audience.

Much like the campaign advisor, the profile advisor assesses the objects within your profile selection and provides hints on the right-hand side of your flow as you build it. The advisor gives you pointers on improving your selection, so it sends to the optimum group of people seamlessly.

What are the benefits of using the advisors? 

  • Reduction in consultation costs.
  • Real-time improvement suggestions. No waiting on a second opinion!
  • Optimised audience selection
  • Increased audience engagement
  • Optimised campaign cycle
  • Improved customer communication
  • More targeted & relevant messages
  • Less “whoops!” moments!

Unlock mind-blowing campaigns

The key to improving your email marketing practices is to make mistakes, understand them and learn from them. With Clang’s new AI features, making mistakes has never been less embarrassing! The new Campaign & Profile advisors provide you with actionable insights into your online campaigns, and it gives you tools to put your best foot forward. Get in touch to make your campaigns more intelligent.









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