Clang Analytics

With Clang Analytics you can view your email results in real time and at a glance! Compile your own dashboard entirely to your liking with various widgets including graphs, tables and exact numbers.

Clang Analytics 2.0 has been launched!

You can now analyze your email marketing results even better.

  • Extra data sources and filtering options have been added so that you can, for example, exclude data from test mailings in your dashboards.

  • You get more insight into which email clients and operating systems your receivers use.

  • You can use groups and profiles as a filter on your dashboard, allowing you to further segment your campaign results based on all available customer data in Clang. For example, you can easily see the difference between the open rate for men and women.


Insight into your email results at a glance

In Clang Analytics you can view your email results in real time and at a glance. You can compile the dashboard yourself with various widgets including charts, tables, diagrams and exact numbers. View email statistics of today, yesterday, last week, last month or of a specific period? It's all possible with Clang Analytics!


Your dashboard in Clang Analytics can be set up entirely according to your own wishes. You can, for example, create widgets for the number of delivered emails, bounces, CTR and CTO of a certain mailing. But you can also measure certain conversion actions such as completing a purchase or filling out a form by adding checkpoints in your campaigns.

Dashboard Clang Analytics
Clang Analytics Dashboard

A blink of an eye

The widgets in the dashboard that you have compiled give you visual insight into the results of your campaigns and mailings in a blink of an eye.

Clang Analytics Benchmark


Create dashboards for specific campaigns or mailing types and gain insight into the trend and results of a specific mailing compared to the total number of mailings.

Clang Analytics Save Time

Save time

The results of your mailings appear in real-time in the dashboard, so you no longer have to look up your results in reports. That will save you a lot of time!

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