Getting started with AMP Email! ⚡

Clang and e-Village make sending powerful messages possible with AMP Email. Before you can send these interactive and dynamic emails, there are a few steps you have to take. Once you have walked through the steps on this page, you’re ready to start growing your business with AMP Email!

Create an AMP email

Clang is the first European Email Service Provider (ESP) with support for AMP Email and a totally integrated AMP editor. With this editor making an interactive and dynamic AMP email is super easy (if you know HTML). Do you already work with Clang and would you like to know how it works contact us!

Don’t work with Clang yet or is HTML like abracadabra to you? Not a problem! The email experts from Campaign Services are more than happy to make your first AMP email.

Set up Custom DKIM and SPF Records with your DNS Provider

Part of AMP’s security specification requires all emails being sent with AMP content pass DKIM and SPF validation checks. In order to send an AMP email, you will need to configure custom DKIM and SPF records. Not sure if you have everything set up the right way? Contact your account manager.

Register with Google

After passing the security check, you have to register with Google. On this Google website you can learn more about the registration process. While you’re waiting for your registration to be approved, you can already start experimenting with different AMP techniques. You can play around with them in the Clang email editor and send them as tests to your own Gmail account.

Three email versions

Once you have received the approval from Google, you can start sending AMP emails to your customers. With the Clang email editor it’s super easy to create the necessary three versions of your email. Your standard HTML version, the standard Plain-Text version and as of now also the new AMP HTML version. Clang only shows a preview for the standard HTML version at this moment. To preview your other two versions, just simply send a test email to your Gmail account.

Helpful links

The links below give you a head start as an AMP email marketer or an AMP email developer.

AMP for email developers

This Google website tells you all about the AMP email technique.

Make your very first AMP email

This Google website explains you in detail how to make your first AMP email. The codes can simply be copy pasted to the AMP tab in the Clang email editor.

Discover AMP components for email

The AMP email components page from Google shows all the components you can use in your emails.

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