AMP Email Benefits

With AMP Email you can transform static emails into dynamic and interactive environments. And with the support of large email clients such as Gmail and, you can already impress almost 40% of your customers with this dynamic and interactive content.

What are the benefits of AMP Email?

More in-mail options

With AMP Email you can add AMP components to your emails so that they become dynamic and interactive. With AMP Email the content in your emails is always current and your user never has to leave the inbox. With AMP Email you can complete an Abandoned Shopping Cart via email, sign up for an event, register for a newsletter, review a product or follow the status of a delivery live.

Increased personalisation

AMP Email makes it possible to load real-time data into your email, so that your email is always up to date. This makes your emails smarter and more efficient and increases the engagement of your recipient. The technology also makes it possible to complete actions directly in your email.

Safe and guaranteed

AMP Email is not dependent on third parties, so security is guaranteed. Ads are also not permitted in AMP Email. To further guarantee the safety and privacy of all users, AMP Email uses a limited selection of all AMP components.

Interactive user experience

The expandable design of AMP Email makes it possible for your recipients to take action directly in your inbox. You can consider adding carousels, accordions and the option of filling in forms and surveys.

Consistent and scalable

Adding AMP to your email is quite simple. In addition to a text/html and text/plain version, you now also get an AMP html version. Email clients that don't yet support AMP Email will revert to the html or text version of the email.

Improved and smarter services

AMP Email makes it extremely easy for your recipients to adjust their content preference, for example, or how often they receive the emails. All directly from the inbox. That way you can provide recipients with relevant content at the right time.

AMP Email seems to me something

There are many benefits of using AMP Email. With the support of AMP Email by large email clients such as Gmail and Outlook you can already surprise almost 40% of your customers with dynamic and interactive content!

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