Increase your ROI with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the marketing world to improve results and work even more efficiently. Get started with AI in Clang today so you can reap the benefits.

Do you want to automatically receive tips and advice from your own virtual marketing assistant while building your marketing campaigns? Then discover the four new AI features in Clang and receive real-time, automatic advice about your profiles, campaigns, subject lines and engagement of your target audience. Your virtual marketing assistant uses AI in Clang and will assist you, based on data (machine learning) to make even better choices for the best result.

Clang becomes even more intelligent with AI features

Retain and win back clients with Engagement Scoring

In one view, see the performance of your campaigns on an individual level. Create profiles of your most (and least) engaged prospects to create a truly tailored campaign to win the hearts of sleeping leads or to thank those who are truly loyal.

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Get the most out of your data with Profile Advisor

You’ll achieve better results from your data using our profile advisor. By analysing your profiles, we give you suggestions to improve the performance of your segmentations, creating a highly personalised approach your clients can’t ignore.


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Create an impact with Subject Line Optimiser

Stand out in the inbox. Using algorithms, we will analyse your subject lines and predict it’s open rate using your previous results. It looks at length, tone and use of personalisation. This way you can create a huge impact with your audience, increase your open rate and ensure that more prospects see your message in the mail!


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Optimise your flows with Campaign Advisor

We can all fall fail to human error. Campaigns can become complex, make your job easier by implementing the campaign advisor. Detect any sub-optimal campaign objects and receive suggestions on creating the perfect flow to engage your customer through the right channel, with the right message at the right time.


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Meet Cai!

Cai is your virtual marketing assistant in Clang

We’d like you to meet Cai, your new virtual marketing assistant in Clang. He knows your customers better than they know themselves and he wants to give you valuable insights into working with them. Cai helps you to use Artificial Intelligence in your own marketing campaigns and thus get even better results. As the newest employee of e-Village, Cai occasionally takes over the LinkedIn page to share his tips and tricks with you directly.

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